Friday, April 13, 2012

North Korea Rocket Launch Was A Failure: It Is A Sign

Before the failed rocket launch, North Korea scheduled their rocket launch on April 12, 2012. But due to not so good weather condition, they postponed it for the day later. And so they launched their rocket and only a minute in the air, it shattered  into pieces and never made it to its destination.

For me, I think this is a sign from above that they should stop what they are doing. Instead of creating rockets and nuclear weapons, why not spend the money on their people?

I am not judging anyone and this is just my opinion. Just a few days ago, we Filipinos are very worried because of the possibility of some debris falling in the Philippine territory.

I heard news saying the North Korea rocket does not contain any radioactive materials. Yes, but the problem is, they are not certain how big the debris will be.

I also heard on the news that the Philippines is lucky the rocket failed after only a minute in the atmosphere. If it stayed in the atmosphere for at least 2 minutes or more, the damage to the Philippines could be unimaginable.

As a person, I believe that in whatever you do, you should always protect the safety of all life forms, especially human beings. North Korea was stern in saying that their rocket is only for the purpose of satellite to monitor their mountains and what not. Even so, they should still take into account the damage that it may cause to other people, not only for their citizens.

Still, I am very thankful that the rocket launch is over and it did not do any harm to anyone.

I am praying that the news about North Korea planning to do nuclear testing is not true.

God bless us all and may He bless us with clear mind and proper wisdom.

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