Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tawas: A Natural Way of Healing Swollen Gums

Last week, I found out that Tawas has more to offer. Currently, my daughters and I are using it as an anti-perspirant and as a body scrub. It turns out that tawas is very effective in removing the odor brought by too much sweating.
Because of the summer heat, we perspire a lot and we can't use the air conditioner for the whole day because we can't afford to pay our electric bill. We live in a place that is breezy in the afternoon but it is still hot and of course, we perspire more than usual.
To prevent my family from developing body odor, we are now using tawas, but not regularly. Only when we feel like using it and it works. I usually apply tawas after my first bath in the morning, so does my children.
Back to last week, I wasn't able to eat properly because my gums are swollen. I'd say my teeth are not in their best condition so I thought, if tawas can cure blisters, maybe it can help reduce the inflammation of my gums.
So I decided to brush with tawas. I brushed my teeth with my regular toothpaste first then I used tawas to brush one more time. The tawas gave a bitter-sour after-taste and a sticky-feel enveloped my entire mouth. I brushed once again with my regular toothpaste and the sour-bitter taste plus the sticky feeling in my mouth are gone.
It feels strange but I felt like my mouth is much cleaner and the odor is greatly reduced. I observed for a few hours and my mouth didn't start to smell until the afternoon, when I'm done eating my breakfast, lunch and merienda. In the evening, before going to sleep, I repeated the same procedure again and I was surprised to see no blood in my sink. Usually, I see blood every time I spit after I brush and there is none this time.
I used to gargle with mouthwash in the evening before going to bed, but this time I decided not to. I wanted to test how effective this tawas is. When I woke up in the morning, i was surprised because my mouth don't smell that bad.
The inflammation on my gums is gone and my mouth smells better. I'm not using tawas to brush my teeth everyday because I don't have swollen gums anymore. I do use tawas to brush my teeth once every week. I just put a small amount of tawas on my brush, just enough to cover the top of my toothbrush. I brush it just like I do with a toothpaste. When I think my whole mouth is brushed with tawas, I gargle and brush with my regular toothpaste once again. It's a simple thing to do actually.
Tawas has many health benefits and its cheap, non-toxic and easy to find. Anyone can use tawas and there were no reports of any harmful side effects.

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  1. True.I had canker sores twodays ago.After 24 hours of brushung my teeth with this, all gone.Though my tastesbuds gone :(....